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The Great Cross
(Front side)

12' x 8', St. Bernard Abbey, Cullman Alabama

All the love in heaven and earthy meet in the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God the eternal Father gives himself to us wholly in the Son. By taking upon his pure body the ravages of all sin, the Son breaks the chain of consequences that have doomed us. Now all that would result from our ungodly acts is fallen, not on us but upon him. And we who will, gaze by heart upon this utter catastrophe of justice, and are transformed. The authority of his love makes the cosmic injustice of this murder fertile in our souls. By suffering the wreck of our outrageous rebellion, he presents himself to us extended upon the cross, the whole truth about who we are by what we have done. It is in this revelation that the power of his love tears away the decay of sin gripping our heats and we are able to lift ourselves into the embrace of his forgiveness.

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